This month has been rough. Completed, the second month of the lockdown, never knew that I'd get the time which I've been craving for all my life. I planned a lot to do this month but repetitively doing the same thing again and again demotivated me, I felt like doing nothing, going out to the places, meeting people.

I started off working for my project which I've thought of, a long ago. For that, I got to learn a lot more new concepts, some design principles, good code habits and project management and other things. I devoted myself so much to this project that I went onto code for around 7-8 hours a day. It's still under the development, I'd write more about it when it's done. Because of which I ranked 58 on WakaTime global leaderboard,


Though Constantly coding for that long has caused a lot of issues to my body, my muscles started getting stiff, my eyes were straining because of huge screentime. Hence, I have started working out a little bit once or twice a week, I'm too lazy to exercise, thanks to though, for helping me out with live sessions. I am planning on to work on something which could remind me of taking breaks.

While I am not coding I spent my time Learning Spanish, Listening to the audiobooks, watching some TV Series or movies.